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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 30, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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and stupid projects. that's my "2 cents more." that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. don't forget to record the show if you cannot catch us live. have a good weekend and a vesene organizations. we will straighten it out loud. good night. neil: defeating governments everywhere if you're talking about making a killing, but you better make sure you did make a killing because in cyprus they're counting. they're short. hello, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. dulce i didn't warn you. they just got away with raising ppople's bank accounts, albeit rich moguls bank accounts or russian oligarchs or mob officials, but even to allow that they could take all their money in deposits and that would not cover the cost of what they're looking at. it won't cover the bill. now you have to move down the food chain to fit that bill, and these people standing in line are going to be going off the
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wall. i told you, i said it would happen. it did to me it has. dashing the government's deviate's. no, just coming in and stealing rich folks tell right out of their bank accounts and without some much as asking that it would be the equivalent of stealing money from a baby in a one say that it would be a crime. the government that got it wrong because not only are they complaining. even though the deposits are not tested to all that money that the government thought it was getting, not even close. so bad that no cypress and european union officials are talking about a second bailout to make up the difference what could be billions of euros. this is only the latest case of taxing the rich and not making a killing. in england when they had to scale back a surtax on the rich because the center was not working and in france where they are considering a top corporate rate of 75% because when it comes to generating more dough from individuals, welcome 88
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happening. did it in this country were states like maryland, new york, wondering how would is that they keep getting squad from it. so to review, cypress' bureaucratic burglars, although it that they stole and far from making a killing, they get killed. i'm talking nothing, not up. again, help me. the greek word for zero. you not so rich cypress depositors, your next. anyway, that is my latest prediction. the governor was to move down the financial food chain to fish for more dope meeting that these deposits still waiting in line to get their money in only 300 euros at the time of the money will have to start focusing over money, i suspect soon. to nicole petallides and saw this coming along with men with brooks. now, has family in the area. parents both born in cyprus. so we like to pick your brain because she knows what she's talking about.
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at of the telling you now? >> the greek word for is a bull, not the, did put talk, which means nothing. yes. something to that effect which is really how they feel at ts point. i just got off chatting with my first cousin who lives in cyprus and i asked her exactly to your point to me you know, if they did not get enough, which they didn't come from the big wigs, the wealthy folks, do you worry that they will go right into the bank accounts of those less than 100,000. of course. we don't know what to believe. uncertainty remains and they're worried about trying to revive their economy and in the meantime they're worried about their own money in d.c. along lines. they behave nicely and let the other people go first to did not have atm bank cards to take out money for, but they're still in a big mind. neil: where they going to get this?
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>> they will have to move down the line to the next sucker. the way the government apoaches economic behavior is the continually thing that incentives work and they want them to come along and they want you to buy an electric car or use power from the wind mill. but when it comes to the negative financial incentives to the penalties there is this belief you will just stand for it. 75% marginal tax rate, we'll take it. the answer is, they won't. economic numbers influence behavior markedly. that is what is happening there. is what's happening in france from cypress. enough rate is what will happen here. neil: obviously were gone out. nicole knows this. to the rich and maybe some of these oligarchs and monotypes who might have got wind of the fact that they're going to start they got the money or a lot of the money out because the
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government is short on the money that they thought they were taken. what do you think happens now? >> welcome aid is not good, but i will tell you, 20 percent of the economy is from the banking sector. the first grew this industry in the 1970's. the tax haven for russia. what they were going to do was unprecedented, to tax and confiscate dollars on deposit in the bank that did not fail. that is wrong, and when your economy is funded by foreign depositors, they're going to leave. neil: and you know, whether your money is in shorter not, the government comes in and takes it , it doesn't matter. it is a moot point. >> it is terrible. terrible feeling. i cannot imagine trying to live in cyprus at this moment and worry about my bank account, and i am sure every country in the eurozone, particularly the ones like the big nations that are under more pressure, i'm sure those people are worried and you will see money moving of the eurozone altogether.
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neil: we have moves, too. financial ctrols. stay for a few days. you probably know better. where is it go? >> anywhere. out of the eurozone would be a good start. to your point about moving money out, we certainly did see that. they did move money out before all of this broke because they do have less than they originally thought. a lot of private plas see at the airports. the tickets were sold out from russia to cyprus. there was a lot going on. and now a lot of pointing fingers, even separates are looking at other separates. did you move your money out to me electronically transferred when you were still able to do so? still a lot of questions, but the big one going forward, how they get through this immediately because they may need another bailout? what happens to the euro because we have seen it at the four month low. last monday when all this broke $500 billion was lost in global markets. for the people who think come a, cyprus, i don't care to my care
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because i love it, but the people who think it does not affect them, it does because it affects our global markets and we saw money lost that day. neil: and it affects our trust in the banking system, something that the industry collectively globally try to win back post miltown five years ago. now it is calling into questn just tell us if your money is. i no cypress is one thing and we are another. breaking trust is breaking trust. what do you see happening? >> there is no way that is good. capitalism is built on trust. the bank never has all of your funds. they're taking it in and living out more than they are taking in deposits. that is the way it works. and therefore, it is based on trust, based on the rule of law, and when the government, whether it is the european union, when someone goes in and says, rule of law, no care of the rule of law, that calls into question that fundamental trust.
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and i really as a system. the day that happens in my opinion is significant amount of the trust evaporates to be just as we are doing here on street today, we are saying, welcome if it can happen there, what is, perhaps, to stop it from happening here. neil: i would imagine if i am looking atarcelling out my money, going to want to keep this process going because human nature would tell me it's a matter of time before they hit my account or might, so i am not trying to take any risk and try to drain is pumping now. >> you're exactly right. if you're living over their right now, the 300 euro limit a day, you probably want to go every day because you don't trust the bank. like we were talking about earlier, a banking system for to work properly it requires trust. if people feel more comfortable keeping their euros at home that debate is going to really talk the plumbing in the banking sector. neil: what can they do?
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can a day-by-day take 300 out, 300 out? in the drain their accounts to more does the government put a limit on how much they can ultimately take out? >> from what i am hearing they can take a look at what and use their credit cards within cypress and debit cards and the like. neil: is not other countries. >> and that is what it is. if you want to keep investing in the country, and i was chatting with my cousin. th're not releasing the cancellation on tourism or the companies that are based they're making any erratic moves out of the country, so those are two good signs. they could mbessue bonds for the natural gas find, but that is a big discovery of the next five years. maybe we will see that the mob and obviously we talk about the composition of people's personal property. this is your money. we heard about gerard depardieu getting out of france. neil: he said his name perfectly. i never get it right. >> that is the point. people are running. they're running. today on anotherox business show we were talking a lot pr. this is what people are doing because it is all about dollars
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and cents. where's the money best kept. neil: amazing. thank you very much. in the meantime, i knew i felt something in the air, and it was smelling like earning money. then it hit me, they are burning our money. i guess that's nothing new when it comes to these, but when different agents, more than a dozen at a time are pushing the identical crisis with more of our money, that does not always
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neil: well, getting money from uncle sam is a lot easier than i thought as long as you are pushing something green, plan on getting plenty of green from plenty of government agencies pushing execs and projects. we have the details. first with some numbers that will make you dizzy. >> it is not just that, the government accountabilityffice identify, for example, seven
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wind-focused planned itiatives across nine executive branch agencies of the government from which a developer won multiple boards or lines of finances to back a single project. the same thing. so 82 wind-related initiatives, in other words, double dipping. i have to tell you something, green companies like this have political connections because of the creation of government which shows not just that they have a lot of, you know, financing from taxpayers, but they know how to play that racket to get financing from different arms of government because they know the government is now watching what the other hand is doing. neil: you would think that they would. i mean, obvisly a lot of money we're talking about, the pontial for redundancy, to say nothing of abuse, dare i say criminality is rampant. obviously not. >> well, this is something that is pretty common in government. for instance, for instance, 12 different agencies that handle different food stamp programs. for housing is error about ne different agencies.
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in the hallways thing. there is a great study put out by the in icc today, the ways list. they had the most hilarious list of programs of refunded, including a study of robotic squirrels, a climate change musical and, this is probably my favorite, 400 talking urinal cases are we spending our money on at the federal government level. they had all over $43 billion of waste on this list. to put into context, that could find 45,000 yea of white house to worse. so a freer going to talk about getting rid of waste and abuse. president obama and son say we can't cut spending everywhere, how about cutting in these things? neil: but maybe there was a method to the madness. if you improve the potential finance clout of a particular initiative you improve the odds of success of that initiative. the more money if you get for
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that, and let's say it is a friendly initiative, then you might be in better shape. that initiative might have a beer chance of success. what do you say? >> you are right about that. also, we should not be wasting money in the federal government. we can all agree to that. also, this report made clear its exact words were that much of the funding had a significant impact to mike significant impact on these projects actually coming to life. sure, is there money wasted? yes. should we get rid of it? the report, and let's be clear. the report did not call for eliminating subsidies of wind energy projects. it talked about consolidating them and making better use of the money that they noted to have a significant impact. the other thing, we should be honest. is this a conversation about wind energy and whether it should be subsidized or energy overall? for example, in the same time of this report we spent about $11 billion oil and gas subsidies, money and nuclear
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subsidies. the real question is should government subsidizing any kind of energy and i would argue yes, they are appropriated this word absolutely should be. neil: i would argue against subsidizing anything. that is a pernal thing. what bothers me most about this, whether you're an advocate for this are not, you cannot be an advocate for all this redundancy that they never seem toet under control. as of the same during the bush years of multiple defense contractors and undertakings. it's happens, but when the numbers disobeyed, spending get so big , they get to be egregious. neil: not that they are habitually self deceiving. they have these reports. the white house says these reports. the attitude is like scoot down the bench. where the government. we know what is best for you. the thing is, they hit us time and again with tax increases and not fixing their own fiscal
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house first. and not tell you something about the solar wind initiatives. a lot of them are pipe dreams. a lot of them we know have failed. they're not trying to fill the nation's gas tank and there not going to let the light bulbs are lighthouses on mass as we need them to. i am in agreement with you. get rid of all the subsidies for energy and steel works in the marketplace because the you know, i tell you something, ina is undercutting as the solar panels. why should wee in there, taxpayers, running up against china fundings a lapel initiatives year the united states. >> i think we have another idea that we can add to this. we should freeze all the department budgets and here is what we should do. we always talk about waste, fraud command abuse, but it never its customers we should do. freeze the partner budgets and second you find your own race is by actually cutting waste, fraud , and abuse. guess how quickly the waste, fraud commanderies would be cut if we say, your raises an increase in pay cash is tied to how much you can actually cut out of those budgets and create efficiencies. i think if we do that we will
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see less redundancy, less waste and fraud and abuse and get to a federal government that is sustainable, which we don't have right now. neil: i know if that is easily doable. and remembering how they handle, and security department. really an amalgamation of all these other various agencies, everything from defense to fbi cecum of going into this too great to see that would handle our security. more overlap then there ever was. there are still a number of she's arguing with other ceviches are arguing with all these other indians and we are still -- we have been lucky. but sometimes by the skin of our teeth. >> says. two separate issues. one of them is consolidating federal programs and making things work better. for example, the obama administration saw that over 55 different transportation programs for funding highways and consolidating down the five. every administration tries to do it. some succeed. some programs don't.
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but, look, we have the libor scandal. it does not lead to the conclusion that every bank in every financial restitution is corrupt. government, like the private sector, those things well and does not do other things well. we need to constantly improved. the second point, and this is important. i do believe, and then maybe the only one in does, that government does have a role in certain portis of the economy in the private sector and the engine of growth. we're going to have a $2 trillion clean energy market globally by 2020. cha is doing a lot through their government and many other countries are. we're going to need the government to place some kind of a role in getting a piece of that 2 trillion. neil: you just said there would be a $2 trillion market and then he just say that we need government to do that. if there is $2 trillion to be made covina dozens of want to pursue a bill out there and make that product to do it. to say that we need the government to come in because will be a growing market is asinine.
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if there is money to be made people here in america, let them free of regulation. >> first of all, look, try not to describe other people's thoughts as asinine. that's pretty rude and uncalled for. more importantly, i don't subscribe to your libertarian philosophy. i am a pro-market democratic believes that the private sector and the engine of growth thrall of vehicle you describe, but the government also has an important role to play in a range of things from a for structured r&d in the think history has borne by side of the case out. if you want to say let's just throw it up, our hands up, but the market sorted out, for the best, i don't subscribe to that. neil: you will have you back later. no wonder too far, but we will at least address what has to be addressed to all of this redundancy and overlap and multiple identical funding. if we get that under control we can debate the worthiness of government efforts. at least the redundancy in the overlap in the funding to that
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has got to be addressed whether you like it or not. meanwhile, dead pigs and ducks floating down the river. clamping down and ignoring their
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♪ neil: be telling you to eat a salad, china telling apple have to do business, something you will never hear from the ever, but something apple is here from china right now. janet questioning apple's strong farming business practices saying china's own business practices are not just from an army in the case of ducks and pigs, actually killing thousands of animals showing up dead in the rivers. now china crying as a river. swiss america craig smith is not
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buying any of it. what do you think of this? >> i find it comical. when you think about it, state-run media is alleging that apple is abusing customers after the sale with warranty issues when they're signing the contract they can barely breathe the air in beijing, but of a sudden they're concerned about consumers. i've become a justice and make any sense. there are a couple of theories that are floating around up there. what is maybe tim cook is acting badly in not taking care of people. uni both know that does not make any sense. apple depends on repeat business. he is taking care of customers. maybe it's because they want to help the nova and the ziti in the other makers of phones right there in china. more maybe he has not kissed the right rate or accorded the right officials over there. maybe they're doing this to try it out the service providers. think about this. china your account, china telecom, and china mobile :
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immobile, 900-pound gorilla, the largest telecom provider in the world or sell provider in the world, they all have a deal with apple iphone or ipad yet. maybe this is to put pressure to get a good deal with china mobile, or it could be retaliation for the senate subcommittee hearings that we had a year ago about how ziti, those two companies presented a security risk to america, but to believe that the communist chinese government through the state-run media, to the department of propaganda of the communist party of china are trying to protect consumers is laughable. neil: well, considering the open up all of these apples shops that just had the look feel down to the identical logo, i think they have protested too much. wonder if there is another factor where, you know, apple, shipping all the jobs out there, at least the construction of iphone and ipads. now has been bringing some, not
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all of those jobs back on the spreading the wealth around throughout much of asia pass china, whether that is ticking in their crop, that might be coming into play. >> and that could be. but let me tell you, you know, fox, still has over 1 million workers. if you go back to 2008, 948 million chinese people live on less than $5 peray. we have wycherley helped china become a growing, prosperous country. i don't think they should bite the hand that feeds them. neil: they argue that they had a fan -- the hand that feeds us. you make a good point that donald trump made. wire wheel is on defense? america, as a country, fade -- afraid that we don't want to get china took off. he said, it's far more damaging to them if we stop buying their stuff. >> i agree with donald trump completely. and this kind of like this. if you bought me a million dollars, at your mercy.
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you let me trillion dollars in europe my mercy. and the reality is, the chinese know that they cannot exist without america. i think, again, keep in mind, the official title of the state-run media network is called the department -- the propaganda department of the communist party of china. that is the name of the state-run media that making these allegations. absolutely. here's what is interesting. they're putting all this pressure on apple for what? china is the second-largest market apple. you know as well as i do, apple is taking care of the customers over there. that is how you get a repeat business. that is how you keep your company's strong. so i think there is more than meets the eye here. i think, like he said, they have protested to about leaks. they have copied everything that we ever done. they owe us a debt of gratitude, not state-run media nonsense that makes no sense, nonsense.
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neil: terry get. thank you very much. the propaganda bit. but the neil cavuto is it -- that neil cavuto fitness center. if at first you don't succeed steal again. did not get much does not mean that it is not intend to.
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if. ♪ neil: cypress is the latest, maybe even the boldest.
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80 percent of the rich bank holding bank accounts. they did so right out of their accounts, without asking. that was a new twist. confiscating well partly is because it's still happening. france now hittingompanies with what it hopes will be a 75% wealth tax. to no less, the united states pushing it posted a 50 percent for individuals with a variety of other health care related taxes started cominto say nothing of what they're planning for companies. is enough to make charles payne throw up, especially charles when it is clear that the bureaucratic fees are not exactly giving up. >> they do not give up. they have an ideological. they usually put some sort of humanistic or economic trappings to make it look better, but i think essentially it comes down to some sort of dislike for people who are ultimately successful, serious, serious danger, as serious hatred for rich people, rich companies, and an ideal of some sort of voltaire like the idea that there can be a society where we
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all work together and you work in a vegetable garden and not cut the grass and we will all have a similar life and live happily ever after. there has been tried a zillion times. neil: six of the bureaucrats. >> dalis has to be a one class, you know, the guise of the top of get to make the decisions. a little bit better, but after all, they're taking care of the rest of us. neil: you know what is interesting. if you think about it, they are emboldened because by and large downside of their rig 20 and no one else is. and so they're taking that as sort of like a green light to keep doing this. but now we have a situation like what happened in cyprus where they're counting the money and realize we it now steal enough or good enough for not as much as we were hoping to get. so now the text in between and we might have to give money from other folks who are rich. have they played one out? >> that will be a tough one because that was the game plan fromhe beginning. two weeks ago because straight to the chase and would take money from everyone. obamacare if you had to in
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euros, there were going to take a piece of it. obviously a little bit of an uproar. what if there was not that much money in the banks or the russians telephone call. but if they cannot meet at 6 billion euro? neil: they're not doing it by cutting spending. the only solution is we have to find another way, the bank accounts. they're talking about new fees. all these governments. ke a big deal of austerity in europe. it is actually taxes, surcharges not a whole lot of spending cuts >> it has been largely, largely higheraxes. neil: you are shocked they then go into these recessions. >> well, the same thing that put them into these problems in the first place. i think we are saying, and i hope it is not an inevitable part of being a great empire, but we're seeing all of these great western empires in europe that somehow got locked into the notion that, you know, we have to somehow distribute the spoils a little bit better.
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they lost sight of innovation and lost sight of competitiveness. it lost sight of all those things. how ironic that maybe brazil to bailout portugal, maybe, you know, china could help bailout india -- england sunday. how ironic is it that ben -- they are repeating themselves. it is a self perpetuated -- what they're going through in the name the popping of the social fear in this game that is come to america in a serious way. neil: falling back on their own sword, and there not realizing it. >> falling back on their own sort cannot realizing it, and add a point where you wonder if they can never turn it around. maybe germany, the netherlands, countries liethat. england might be right in the middle. part of the euro. i would not be surprised if they get out of the eu. neil: altogether. >> the money that is made by london bankers is just too big of a honey pot, and it is unfair. neil: don't even attempt it. right. exactly. a safe weekend.
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the meantime, environmentalist's saying if it is bad, blame drilling. in an earthquake in oklahoma, -rilling. the landslide in washington, drilling. yoko ono is terrible singing voice, drilling. ♪ yep. she is the reason why there is a scare. so beyond. ♪
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♪ neil: welcome environmentalists and now using the quake terrell you. some trapping a new report blaming fracking for a major earthquake saying that it is more proof we need to stop. but this is just one report. so far not a whole lot of collaborating reports. but yoko ono and friends will rush to use anything bad to go after drilling, but this one was weird because they attach to allow the phenomenon, including i think this landslide in washington state to all this
3:39 am
stuff. what do you make of this? >> i think that the environmental wackos are out of control. this is crazy. i mean, this is why we have -- this is where you get the term environmental wacko. to say that drilling or fraing is causing of. >> is ludicrous. the earth is about four and a half billion years old, and that think we have. >> a long time -- way before we had dlling are fracking for. the fact that this is even considered a report. believe it is the same woman and when after a professor when after backyard and had been at home kate. she brought some students over to do her experiment. this is ridiculous. to be putting out there is something that is serious. things are of control and something like this is being taken even rule seriously. neil: t think tt given the fact that they had not have much luck given the cold winter and the fact that the coldest winter ever, that just as they move some of them from global warming to just cali climate change that they then have to attach themselves to other recent phenomenon and assign names and
3:40 am
evil doings to what is going on. >> they're so desperate that they will throw everything up against the wall to see what it takes and it is not working. we had democrats on the keystone pipeline and the left is losing on that pier is still trying to work on the president to make sure that he tries t kill it, but they're losing, they're not making sense, and i don't know if they've got lazy or are giving up, but when something like this put out there as a steady it taken seriously by anybody, you know things are getting pretty bad. again, drilling, fracking does not cause earthquakes. >> have been around for billions of years. drilling, fracking has not. neil: you mentioned keystone in of want to bounce this off of you. that is this sort of middle ground proposition that the president might be cooking up where he will call for tougher epa standards that would raise the price of gas for nodding off on keystone. what do you think of that?
3:41 am
>> i think he is playing politics. he knows he is losing, but he feels the as to throw a bone to the environmental wackos, and that is what he's doing. he is not going to support a policy it makes sense. he's creating a policy in the will support a policy based on politics. neil: you're not a fan of what he's doing right now. okay. thank you very much. good seeing you. >> thank you. neil: north korea is targeting u.s. cities, and it wants to bomb, but you will never guess which ones. after we showed you will discover there actually is a bit of a method to this. it.
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♪ neil: i am telling you, and laugh all you want, dr. evil lives. just think fat and more here, but other than that, just as crazy.
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north korea psycho, very specific. and big companies could be hit. i'm talking like washington d.c., los angeles, austin, texas, pretty much all of hawaii, all images neely spelled out on a chart marked. but remember, this is not a bad movie. this guy is working of what he says is a plan script and one that calls for striking the united states of america. in the corporate homes for some of the most premier brands in america focusing not so much on whether it are not you think he can pull it off, where he wants to pull it off. with me now, fox is military analyst a retired general, technology entrepreneur. to you first. i was looking at the list of all the company's better in these locales to say nothing of all the high-tech concentration just in the texas are. it is not accidental.
3:46 am
>> if you look at what artillery and scud missiles had done in places like syria it kind of gives you an idea of what even in the skirmish shelling will do a large city. these are major entrepreneurial and financial and communications hubs. and if one rocket or one artillery round sure inadvertently or intentionally landed one of the city's,he earthquake that it would precipitate drop the world's financial markets would be absolutely catastrophic. neil: it would not be -- it would obviously be the mecca. no pun intended. but do you think he has the capability? getting anywhere close to the
3:47 am
mainland is very tough. what do you think? >> well, take the u.s. off the map. he does not have the ability to do it. that is not the problem. the problem shorter-range weapons. he has 15,000 dug-in artillery pieces of rockets that can range theenter city of seoul, policy has 800 scuds that can raise throughout north korea and japan. so the danger to the u.s. is zero. the danger to markets in northeast asia, unbelievable because remember, 15,000 artillery pieces firing two rounds per minute into the city, the shockwaves of that would absolutely reverberate througut the world. neil: ride. brought to mckinny rearrest? rod martin. >> absolutely. >> what do you think of this tech. >> i completely agree. nothing there is any real risk to the continental united date.
3:48 am
there is always some risk. there is always the russians, the chinese. someday there will be the iranians to free up do something about that. so from our perspective i think there are some very fundamental things that other business people need to keep in mind. a first of those is, don't panic . take seriously the reality that tomorrow could be another september 11th, and we don't know. neil: what do you tell your friends and colleagues to do, prepare for something you can never bring you be prepared for. >> well, the first thing you'd do, and we learned a lot, you are careful to keep your data redundant. it is very, very important that you keep of sightissenters. very, very careful to have redundant comparability for your staff. your staff is to have power sources, internet access, vp and, that kind of stuff for they can continue working for a
3:49 am
moment. and we think it is very important that you have a contingency plan. you don't have to think like the pentagon exactly, but it isery clear from the businesses that we are -- that were affected, some of which lost a very high percentage of their staff. you have to be able to think about these things. one thing that i am really concerned about that think your other guest agreed. emp is not being considered enough. it might not -- might not be number three that represents this threat, but someday it might. there is a real danger that somebody could set off a nuclear weapon at high altitude. that has potential to the friday electronic circuits of virtually every single thing used today, even cars. very important that we think about hardening against gnp. honestly come business people could do well to ask their government to work harder on that. we really are neglecting that. it is a big issue. neil: general, you wrote --
3:50 am
brought up the point that this might be a deflection or hinted at that by saying that he might be going after south korea or clossng targets. i was thinking it might be an even grander. the country is so in need of money that such a black market out there. get there hand whenever he has in do pretty much some of the stuff that he outlined. >> evidence of that already. some evidence to suggest that ron was actually intimately involved in designing and detonating north korea's nuclear weapon. we know for over a decade the run has been involved in helping north korea build their icbm. the reactor in syria that was bombed by the israelis because it was poorly designed and austria. look, that truly is a global
3:51 am
threat here. it is not just this sociopath. arms, nuclear weapons come the clear technology, missile technology. like it or not, it is flowing free around the world and unfortunately sunday it very well come to rest in the united states. neil: you know it when you see it. thank you very much. meanwhile, when we come back, goofing off apparently pays off. might be lazy, but they're happy. area become which means washington is like one day old caroline stand-up comedy. i'm not kidding.
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> i generally come in 15 minutes late. i use the side door so he can see me and after that i space off for about an hour.
3:54 am
>> space out? >> yes. i just there at my desk but it looks like i'm working. neil: we hired him. anyway a new study shows that slackers are happy. now to elizabeth macdonald who says they must be the happiest people on the planet. [laughter] that lazy or indifferent you are happy? >> since when is busy happy? i agree with the steady. clearly people and government seem to be the happiest. neil: but private enterprise? >> are they happy? >> if you win the rat race
3:55 am
you are still a rat. neil: to that point* were we to glean from this? people who have friends in college like this it could be you but, you are just a happy person not bog down with the details. >> it reminds me of office space. all of these lazy workers that are unproductive, only three of 10 under 30 years old only 30 percent have full-time jobs. incredibly low. those who are underemployed would love to work hard. so federal government or private sector if you know these people, let them go and let energetic excited friends have their play. neil: could you be a
3:56 am
productive worker and day happy worker at the same time? and part of the flip side to be successful is neurotic? >> the question is if i looked at the steady at work am i goofing off or is this serious work? [laughter] neil: i already did. >> there is a lot of other studies that come to a different conclusion that people who are happy at work because they are achieving significant things and getting real results. the work they are doing makes a difference public or private sector. studies show that is why they are happy but also if what they mean is literally goofing off for searching the web or playing games, i
3:57 am
am sure in the end you will be happy. maybe that afternoon the would not have a job or a house or pay your rent. neil: you could be stupid. >> i am not saying yes to the slacker but those today get -- to get more anxious after 11 hours the boss gets sick of you. neil: be careful. >> you are my boss and you are about to be sick of me. neil: even our boss. >> i get that and i will have a meeting right after the show. >> is that such a great thing? the faster we go the last time we have. people get anxious over that neil: you are bugging me now to.
3:58 am
>> the other thing is goofing off, i don't think that works in the workplace but they may be mischaracterizing this that there is a lot that goes on around the water cooler. controversy with mercer mayor you cannot tell but one of the reasons is because when people are in the same space and hanging out and chatting not about the deadline but something else, other stuff is produced that way. that is considered goofing off. neil: but for some perspective, if you like what you do we assume the hours that you work and no matt how punishing work schedule is it makes you a putz. you don't have to be. i know many managers who
3:59 am
work very hard, very pleasant, very funny, the workload does not make them a load of you know what. i don't know if i buy the foundation of this study. >> it is happiness verses satisfaction. i love doing what i do and i won't slack off and there are people like that. there is the overgeneralization between happiness i am on does feed and been satisfaction that i have achieved something in my life i can look back in 20 years to say i have done something and i helped to build this. >> i may be wrong but happier people are great workers and more productive.


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